Ocean Freight
One of the major ways of international shipping is Maritime
Transport. For centuries, people use this kind of transportation to travel and trade. Although new types of shipping have been developed, maritime transport is still regarded as the dominant choice. Approximately, about 90% of international shipping is carried by the sea.
PCP shipping lines, is ready to provide NVOCC,FCL, LCL, and Bulk transport services for its customers
NVOCC Freight
One of the international maritime shipping methods is the NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) method
In this way, large freight companies move freight with their own containers. But for this to happen, they need to rent the same ships and move containers through them
NVOCC shipping has advantages over other modes of transportation. For example, in this way the containers are less likely to be damaged because under the contract with the company that owns the ship it will be the healthy responsibility of all the products and containers to come with it, so it is certainly the highest precision and security in handling and shipping by It is considered a shipping company and the company that owns Containerahara will ship a fully secure ship with all facilities and services at PCP.
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